You will need Flashplayer7 or higher for you're screensavers. The Wallpapers are stills or GIFs.
Installation instructions will be included with wallpaper.GIFs are one size fits all.  Screensavers have an installer and may come in two sizes.

Previews are for the products available on the Home page.
Samples are much smaller than actual product.

All items are $1.00 - $2.00 each with exceptions of freebees.
Purchased copies won't be watermarked.

O.K. I think I covered everything!

Funky Illusion Art
individual wallpapers
Images have more effect Full Size.

Mutant Love at First Fright
Screensaver and animated wallpaper. 

Just Goth style
individual wallpapers 

individual wallpapers


Dangerous Spirit 


Creepy Pinups  
Screensaver and
individual Wallpapers

Creepy Aquarium

 Gothic Romance and Faeries
individual Wallpapers

Asian and Pinups
individual wallpapers 

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